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Fredy E Wubben is born in The Hague as the first daughter in a middle class family. Her mother is one of the founders of the Hague Opera Choir. She grows up with brother Jan, who is one year older. After the war the family is delighted with the birth of daughter Corrine. At the age of four, Fredy joins ballet lessons and from her seventh year she gets piano lessons. The family often visits theatre and several museums. Fredy goes to the Free Academy and studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague. From her 1st marriage with W.A.L. Wolf two sons are Born. Since 2000, she is married to Chris de Droog. Now, Fredy is grandma of two grandchildren. Fredy wins several prizes including the design of ‘ a drinking glass inspired by Princess Maxima ‘. Following this successful design, she designed the King’s glasses for several years.

Biography Fredy E Wubben – artist


Contact details
Mob: + 31 (0) 6-22556293

Mob: + 34-966860522

1999 Subsidy De By-Van der Heijden, Pr. Bernhard Cultuur Fonds.
1995 / 1999 Basisstipendium Fonds BKvB, Amsterdam.
1960 / 1964 Royal Academy, The Hague.
1958 / 1962 Education at the Free Academy, The Hague.
Award winners
2013 Premios Certamen Alfaz del Pi (Alicante). Award winner for Graphics and Sculpture.
2006 Winning design “A drinking glass inspired by Maxima.” Royal Leerdam Crystal.
1977 Geert Bouwmeester Art Prize, Gouda.
1959 National Talent Prize for painting


1985 / 1989 Guest lectures at the Free Academy in The Hague with work review by Carel Visser and Philip Peters.
Guest lectures at the Free Academy in Rotterdam.
2018 Pulchri Studio “Sculpture reflections NKvB 100 Years Later”. Opening by Princess Beatrix.
Her Royal Highness receives the book “Fredy E Wubben sculptures”.
2018 Sculpture Garden Ravesteyn, Heenvliet.
2018 Hospital Bronovo, The Hague.
2018 ’t Hofje van Nieuwkoop, Den Haag.
2018 Castle Cannenburch, Vaassen: “Glass of course, Of hair, 18 women in glass”.
2017 Art on the pile, Boxtel.
2017 Amsterdam Forest, NKvB – “Boslust”.
2017 Pulchri Studio jubilee exhibition. The Hague.
2017 Gallery De Paardestal, Espel.
2016 “4th Nature, Connection”, Amsterdam Forrest, NKvB.
2016 “Procreación” Galerie Sjengarden, Alfaz del Pi, Spain (solo).
2015 NkvB at HKK, Haagse Kunstkring Den Haag.
2014/2015 “Glasrijk Tubbergen”, curator Piet Augustine.
2014 Solo exhibition “Heavenly Fruits”, Kunstuitleen Gouda.
2013 Estamos los Sueños “Museo La Barbera”, Vilajoyosa Spain (solo).
2012 Procreación Eterna “Foundation Frax” Albir Spain (solo).
2012 Procreación Eterna, Royal National Glass Museum “Museo La Granja”, Segovia, Spain (solo).
2011 Castle Cannenburch: International exposition “glass of course, natural glass” by Princess Margriet.
Her Royal Highness receives the book “Fredy E Wubben sculptures”.
2010 Gallery Loes Reek, Alkmaar.
2010 Gallery Sous-Terre, Aalsmeer. Overview exhibition/presentation book Fredy E Wubben.
2009/2012 and 2015 Art Walk CIRO HORN Venlo.
2009/2014 Glass art fair, Leerdam.
2009/2013 Sculpture park Drechtoevers.
2009 Gallery Sous-Terre, Aalsmeer.
2009 Art fair “Open Art Fair”, Utrecht.
2007/2008 Gallery RDH, Nieuwkoop.
2006 Gallery Kunstlijn 13, Leerdam Galerie Alosery, Almere.
2005 Gallery Gooilust, Hilversum.
2004 Gallery Delfi-Form, Zwolle.
2003/2004 Municipality of Albrandswaard (Rhoon).
2001/2002 Art fair “Art-Twente”, Hengelo.
2001 Gallery Mackenbach, Arnhem.
1992/1993 Urban Museum Het Catharinagasthuis, Gouda.
1991/93 and 2000 KunstRai, Amsterdam.
1991/1992 Individuals-9 Dutch sculptors (a.o. Carel Visser) for Finland.
In five Finnish museums for modern art. In Turku, Rovaniemi, Kemi, Kuopio and Helsinki.
1999/2000 Gallery Bleijenberg (solo), Leiden.
1995 Outside exhibition “De Suikerberg”, Zwolle.
1994 Nationwide manifestation in churches. Space for contemporary art in the water tower.
1993 Museum of Decorative Art, Gent, Belgium.
1989 Gallery de Zaal, Delft (solo).
1987 10 years acquisitions Josine de Bruyn Kops, communal museum Gouda and communal museum Maassluis (solo).
1985 Centraal Beheer, Apeldoorn. Cultural center Alvar Aalto, Rovaniemi, Finland.
Dordrechts Museum, Dordrecht. Gallery Carinthia, Klagenfurt, Austria.
1982 Provinciehuis, The Hague (solo).
1982/1985 Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland.
1981/1984 Amstel Park, Amsterdam.
1979/1985 New wing Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.


Art Advisory Committees
2000 to present Member of Kunst Advisory Committee Lisse.
1994/2004 Member Commission committee Leidschendam.
1993/1995 Member of the Purchasing Committee of the drawings collection of the province of Utrecht.
1991/2000 Member of various art Advisory Committee of the Province of Utrecht, Drenthe and various municipalities.
1989/1994 Member of the Advisory board of the Fonds B.K.v.B. in Amsterdam.
1988/1989 Municipality of Amsterdam, Commission individual subsidies for Amsterdam artists.
1988/1992 Council for Art, Working Group on manifestations/publications on the subsidies of the Netherlands.


Work on assignment
2014 / 2016 Monumental statues on the estate Landgoed Aas het schol in Wilp (Deventer).
2005 Park Sollasi, Noordwijkerhout.
2004 Barranco Hondo (Alicante) Spain.
2002 Ministry of Transport and Water.
2000 Municipality of Wormerland.
1997 Municipality of Binnenmaas.
1994 Municipality of Wognum.
1993 Municipality of Heemskerk.
1990 Municipality of Leidschendam (De Prinsenhof).
1989 Municipality of The Hague (Houtrustburg).
1988 Coal-fired power station EZH, Maasvlakte (Tebodin/Bischoff).
1987 Municipality of Leiderdorp, Schreiner Airways B.V., Leiden.
1985 Ormas B.V., Houten.
1983 Municipality of Amsterdam.
1982 Municipality of Rotterdam, Municipality of Leiden.
1976 ASPA Eindhoven B.V.
Sketch assignments
2007 Municipality of Nunspeet.
2000 Municipality of Schagen.
1999 Municipality Rijswijk.
1999 Foundation Boncura, Helden-Panningen (L.).
1999 “Image and Country”, Groningen.
1999 Municipality of Sevenum.
1996 Municipality of Groesbeek (De Horst).
1996 Municipality of Middelharnis.
1995 Municipality of Heemskerk.
1991 Aegon Nederland N.V..
1990 Municipality of Gouda.
1988 Municipality of The Hague.
1988 Municipality of Emmen.
1982 Municipality of The Hague.
Work in possession of

Municipalities of The Hague, Leiden, Leiderdorp, Leidschendam, Rijswijk, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Van Alkemade, Delft, Zoetermeer, Gouda, Zwolle and Schiedam.

Warchild, Ministry of Transport and Water.

Her royal highness, Queen Maxima.
Ayuntamiento Alfaz del Pi, Spain.
Museo del Vidrio, Malaga, Spain.
Museo Nacional de Vidrio, La Granja, Segovia, Spain.
Municipality museum Gouda, Josine de Bruyn Kopscollectie.
Princess of Dubai of the United Emirates.
Architects’ Office LUX (Henk Duizer).
Estate Aas het Schol, Wilp Deventer.
Private collections in the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United States, Austria, Belgium and Finland.
Park Drechtoevers – Papendrecht, Zwijndrecht.

2018 25 years Sculpture Garden 2018, Ravesteyn.
2018 NKvB “100 years later, Image Reflections”.
2017 “Art on a Pile”, Boxtel.
2017 Three Rivers route, Zwijndrecht.
2014/15 Catalogue “Glasrijk” Piet Augustijn.
2013/14 Catalogue sculpture Park Drechtoevers.
2012 Digicatalogus “Procreación Eterna”.
2011 Catalogue Castle Cannenburch.
2010 Book “Fredy E Wubben Sculptures”. Ans van Berkum / Piet Augustijn. Own edition in Dutch, English and Spanish.
2009 “Street art” Leiderdorp.
2007/08/11/12 Catalog Glaskunstbeurs September 2007, 2008, 2011 and 2012, Piet Augustijn.
1995 “De Betovering van de Suikerberg”, Zwolle, o.a. Rob de Bree.
1995 “Op de Sokkel”, twenty sculptures in Zwolle, Madeleine Rood.
1994 Space for sculptures.
1991 “E-Motions”, Ans van Berkum, Hendrik Barends; “Individuals”, editions of Finnish museums, Ans van Berkum; Along art in south-east, Artoteek Z-O, Amsterdam.
1989 “Paradise Lost”, Bert Jansen.
1986 Sculpture ‘ 86, Castle Groeneveld, Baarn.
1985 Contrasts depicted, 1985, Dordrechts Museum, Nature depiction, 1985, Castle Groeneveld, Baarn, Image and Color, 1985, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam; Nature and Sculpture XVI, De Hoge Hees Eersel.
1984 Pictures inside, 1984, NKvB. Sculptures around the church, Brielle.
1983 Moments/Times Fredy Wolf-Wubben, 1983, R. Sierksma, Statues in the chapel, Harderwijk, Gijs Bakker.
1982 Commissions, Municipality of Rotterdam, two materials, one image, NKvB.
1981/84 Amstel Park, NKvB, Amsterdam.
1980/87 Visual art assignments in Amsterdam.
1980 “The Full moon Nr. 23 “, Ank Leeuw-Marcar.


2016 Pandora Year 5, No 1, interview by Ruud Vermeer.
2014 Nouveau April: Kings glasses.
2013 Fjoezzz. Publication following “Kings Glasses” “Seasons” April, attention to the Maxima glass, blown Royal Leerdam Crystal. Fjoezzz. Announcement solo exhibition Museo La Granja in Segovia.
2012 Fjoezzz for the Exhibition Foundation Frax: “Procreación Eterna”.
2011 Presentation book “Fredy E Wubben Sculptures” by Dutch Consul Eric Durieux, La Nucia, Spain.
2010 Fjoezzz. Book review “Fredy E Wubben Sculptures” by A. v.d. Burght.
Magazine “Beelden”. Book Review Astrid Engels concerning “Fredy E Wubben, Sculptures”.
Published in Dutch, Spanish and English with texts by Ans van Berkum and Piet Augustijn.
2010 Presentation book “Fredy E Wubben, Sculptures” Sous Terre.
2008 Up side down: Fredy E. Wubben “Homo Bulla”.
2007 Elegance June: Máxima Glass.
Nouveau June: Máxima Glass.
2006 Fjoezzz No. 4, “Drinking Glass for Máxima”, Piet Augustijn. “A Glass for Maxima”, DVD-film of Piet van Delhoofen,
2004 “Monumental statues Fredy E Wubben”, DVD-film of M. Pel, July.
2000 Image Supplement No. 12, Dec. Piet Augustijn.
1995 Trouw, June, Cees Straus.
1992 Impression, June, Jan Vos. Art image, September, Thea Figee.
Art sculpture, December, Ans van Berkum.
Museum Journal, December, Ans van Berkum.
1991 Space, May, Marisa Melchers.
1989 Tableaux Select, June. Faithfully, discussion solo Expo, June, Cees Straus..
1985 Elegance, January, Henk Bouwman.
1985 Bulletin Dordrechts Museum Nr. 3, June. Tableaux Select, November.
“Opzij”, December, Mirjam Westen.
1984 “Bijvoorbeeld”, year 16 Nr. 2, Marjan Unger.
Trouw, interview August Cees Straus. Outline nr. 5, Harry Verwiel.


Beautiful series of glass, whether or not in combination with bronze. The Kings glasses. Monumental works, paintings and drawings. Spatial work, agile and versatile.

Mob: + 31 (0) 6-22556293

Mob: + 34-966860522