Monumental statues


Ode aan weg en waterwegen – Ode to roads and waterways

Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management – 2002

The work of art expresses the importance of advanced road and water construction with the Environment. Movement and speed are suggested, resulting in an exciting forming game in Steel.

The place

tunnels, overpasses, curves, catch rails and stripes on the road have led to a vital lines Game. The organic is depicted by the blue and green glass in the form of water and Trees. In coloured Red/ochre Yellow glass one can recognize a human profile, but also the lines of a fast car.
The artwork is in a sleek monumental hall, but goes against the architecture with a playful lines game, which occupies the space.

Material and size:
Stainless steel and glass
220x90x120 cm HxWxD

Ritmische sculpturale tekening – Rhythmic sculptural drawing

Municipality of Wormer land-2000
Town Hall Wormer Land built by Alberts & Van Huut.

Fredy makes a rhythmic sculptural drawing for the spot, which permeates the Earth’s building in an extremely sophisticated way from the outside to the Inside. Also here axe a stylish steel line the Air. But there is more. The folded steel strips they use have a green PATINA. They are completed with glass curling shields that rest on the ends of the steel blades.

Dimensions: 750 centimeters

De Strijp (sketch design)

Municipal rijswijk-1999
Fredy E Wubben designed a rainbow for the residential area de Strijp in the municipality of Rijswijk as a symbol for happiness and prosperity. The steel and glass-built image refers in line lining and varying colour tones to the rhythm of the disappearing greenhouses in the area around Rijswijk and the breaking of the light on the Glass.

Material and size:
Steel and glass
900×2200 cm

Untitled – Houtrust Bridge

Municipality of The Hague

The bright white of the V-shape shines and contrasts with the signal at the top which is bright red and yellow. The sculpture is included in the collection of The Hague.

Size: 450 cm

Ode to the music

Municipality of Leiderdorp – 2021

In Leiderdorp aan de Engelendaal, the statue ‘Ode to music’ stands at the entrance of the Houtkamp. The monument originally stood at the Muzenhof from 1987. The statue was festively unveiled in its new location at the beginning of September ’21.

From the opened V-shape, a suggestion of a staff is indicated in red.

Height 550 cm


Municipality of Hoorn – 2021


The statue Tight was made in the 1980s from Cor-ten steel. It was given a new place in October ’21 at the Westerdijk in Hoorn.

It is a sturdy image, in which one can recognize the movement of water or billowing sails.

Material and size:
220 cm

Ode aan het Water – Ode to the Water

Municipality Binnenmaas – 1997
Reflections to Roman Times. Binnenmaas is located in the north-east of the Hoeksche Waard more than 10 kilometers south of Rotterdam and includes the towns of Maasdam and Putters Hoek. The water has always played a major role here. Roman excavations were also made.

Material and size:
Bronze, steel and glass
730 centimeters



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Herren und Sklavenmoral

Municipality Zwolle-1995
In Zwolle, Fredy places a floating statue in the Moat. Seven geometric shapes enclose seven heads with a variety of headgear, referring to different social stands and professions. A crown is of course the Top. A paper hat, one that you set up on your birthday if you want to be at the center of it, is the ridiculous counterpart of it. Her work is given a social dimension here. She recounts power and impotence, from Herren und Sklavenmoral, and shows how each holds his place within the prescribed Form.

Material and size:
Stainless steel, Bronze and aluminium.
Display heads, Copper.
Ø 900 centimeters

Element Water

Municipality Wognum – 1994
One of the first monumental sculptures in which Glass was applied was in 1994 the sculpture Element Water along the A7 at the Motorway. Three glass droplet shapes attached to a wavy, stainless steel pipe Construction. The image gives expression to the element water (flow, movement), symbolizes the continuing movement of the country to the water and also indicates the merger of three Municipalities.

Material and size:
Stainless steel and glass
550×1300 cm

The Crown

Prinsenhof district, Municipality of Leidschendam – 1990
Is the crown not as old as humanity itself? Seven Tapered Elements. The number seven is our rhythm of Life. The supporting pillars are internally royal blue, illuminated from the inside by three Spots. Through these beams the image visionary is Extended.

Material and size:
Stainless steel, three parts blue and three spotlights
Height 700 centimeters

De Tamboerijn – The tambourine

City of Amsterdam – 1983
Bows in relation to the architecture of the School. Highlighting the Inputs. Two interrupted arches, which derive from the rounded lines of the Pavements. The angular lines are a game with the roof and window Parts.

Material and size:
Stainless steel
370×430 cm

Ode to the celestial water

Municipality of Nunspeet – Sketch design
In the design Ode to the celestial water for the municipality of Nunspeet (2008), a hand-held rainbow was the central tribute to the celestial Water.

Monumental arch shape

A monumental arch shape with memories in wood

Beautiful series of glass, whether or not in combination with bronze. The King glasses. Monumental statues, paintings and drawings. Spatial work, agile and versatile.

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