Small sculptures




In this new work, executed in brass and bronze on slate, we see people searching for a way out, searching for new structures, building a new form of life.

Material and size:
Brass and bronze
20 x 20 x 20 cm




Material and size:
Blown glass
32 cm high


Z.T. orange
Z.T. red
Z.T. darkred

The Z.T. is solid glass with orange, red or dark red incorporated and has a height of 23, 27 and 17 cm respectively.



Material: glass

Homo Bulla

A person is as vulnerable as a bubble..
.(pregnat) (crawling woman) (body body) (making love) (solidaridad)

Fredy gives her series Homo Bulla a very special shape. In the center of the balanced delicate bubbles are small bronze (or glass) figures. They move creeping and groping along the bottom of Life. There are also groups of people who are grabbing each other and there is a bell with a free couple. For example, Fredy imagines that turning to each other – schooling together – is one of the obvious means of coping with the human condition.

Material and size:

Homo Bulla –pregnant
Glass and bronze
25x24x19 cm

Homo Bulla – crawling woman
Glass and bronze
25x23x19 cm

Homo Bulla – body body
Glass and bronze
30x30x24 cm

Homo Bulla – couple making love
Glass and bronze
25x23x19 cm

Homo Bulla – Solidaridad
Glass and bronze
Diameter 50 cm


Flora Vegetal

The source of inspiration for this series is the world of plants. Continually change the shapes and colors during the growth and flowering process. A moment of this is caught in the solidified glass.


Hemelse vruchten – Heavenly Fruits

The inspiration for the series “heavenly fruit” is the perpetual reproduction. The powerful flower masher affects and  changes the shape. The elements of nature are constantly evolving and connected to each other in Beauty.

The basic shape (the blown sphere) is pressed with a round metal shape while the glass is hot on the Pipe. This changes the shape. When the blown base mold comes out of the oven cooled, a glass mold molded to the pipe, e.g. a pestle, is placed in it while cooled.

Execution in glass and bronze or aluminium.



Ophelia III & IV

Her mind is broken when her lover Hamlet accidentally kills her father and then leaves without confessing his love to her. Finally, she mysteriously drowns in a shallow stream.

The imagination of John Everett Millias from 1852 of the drowned man in a clear forest stream is etched in the memory of many. There goes the young girl, her life broken in a bud…..

Material and size:

Ophelia III
Glass and bronze
40x20x20 cm

Ophelia IV
Glass and bronze
34x22x27 cm

Solidified energy

To make a connection between the materials glass and bronze, I emphasized the property of flow. The hot, flowing wax (prior to the bronze) is cast in the form of a pool, in which the congealed glass rises high. The colors in the glass emphasize the upward movement. In the cooled state, the energy is trapped.

Solidified energy - Fredy E Wubben

Ovulos and El Agua

Material and size:
Glass and copper
23x28x24 cm

Esta Noche Hay Baile

Material and size:
Glass and copper

Noet above Geb

Material and size:
Glass and copper
50x33x222 cm

Zwarte boom – Black Tree

Material and size:
Glass and stainless Steel
42x45x29 cm


The shape is derived from 17th century antique oil/vinegar sets and is inspired by the theme of fertility.

Height 42 cm

Semillas de la Vida and El Agua

Semillas de la Vida and El Agua consist of a reclining glass shape in which streamline. On the ‘ lips ‘ of the shape lies a bell, dotted with shapes reminiscent of the beginning of all Life. It is an image that leads the mind to the riddle of germination, which in such an inimitable way chooses its own moments.

Material and size:
Glass and copper
20x63x22 cm

Many works are available in consultation.
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Beautiful series of glass, whether or not in combination with bronze. The King glasses. Monumental statues, paintings and drawings. Spatial work, agile and versatile.

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