The Kings Glasses

The special glasses are called “Kings Glasses”, because the glasses are designed for the coronation year of the Royal couple and the 200th anniversary of the Dutch Kingdom.

These Royal glasses, a design by Fredy E Wubben, are blown by master glassblower Petr Novotny in the studio by Ajeto Art Glass in Nový Bor (Bohemia) Czech Republic.

Glass Inspired by Maxima

Because these are glasses for a celabration, the basic shape is a champagne glass. This basic shape is sleek, simple and elegant and at the same time gives opportunities to play with the shape. It is Fredy’s philosophy that you drink from the transparent part of the glass to let the champagne come into its own.

The winning design
Maxima inspired Fredy to the feminine, dancing, warm colored orange and yellow glass and Willem-Alexander to the masculine, sleek, formal glass in cobalt blue. The original Maxima glass in the shape of a wine glass was chosen in 2006 by a professional jury as a winning design following a contest written by the ‘ Society of Friends of Modern Glass ‘ (Vereniging van Vrienden van Modern Glas).

As in 2006 the Maxima Glass, now also the first set of these exclusive glasses are presented to King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima.

These exclusive glasses are a wonderful gift at festive events like eg. weddings. All glasses are signed.

Total height of the glasses is 26 cm.


Beautiful series of glass, whether or not in combination with bronze. The King glasses. Monumental works, paintings and drawings. Spatial work, agile and versatile.

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